Are you, or is the young person in your life, a keen writer?

This course is designed for young writers 11 and up who want to write their own fantasy book.

First, if you're a young person aged 11+ (or you're thinking of this course for the young writer in your life), here are some questions to see if this is the right course for you.

Do you:

  1. Love reading fantasy?
  2. Would love to write your own fantasy book?
  3. Enjoy writing and want to learn how to structure a book?
  4. Have great ideas but sometimes don't know where to start or get stuck?
  5. Want to write a book but don't know how to start?
  6. Like the idea of learning step-by-step exactly how to write a book?
  7. Don't really like writing but would like to learn how easy it can be?
  8. Want to be able to complete a book in just 60 days?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this course is designed especially for you.

Students in my course learn how to write their very own fantasy book in just 60 days!

As an award-winning author of eleven books, with over 15 years experience editing and just as many teaching young people creative writing at higher education institutes, schools, libraries and literary events, I have extensive knowledge and skills in teaching writing. This, coupled with my qualification of a Bachelor of Communication / Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing & Editing), means I know what works and doesn't work in storytelling, and I know exactly why it is young people get stuck completing a story. Most importantly, I know how to prevent this from happening in the first place, and what to do in the event a student hits a stumbling block.

I can't wait to share this with you in my online course program 'Write Your Own Fantasy Book in 60 Days.'

So often I have teachers, librarians and parents tell me their students have wonderful ideas and imaginations and are fantastic writers, but they struggle to create a story that is a satisfying read. In nearly every creative writing session I run students will all put up their hands when I ask if they ever get stuck when story writing, or if they can't complete their stories. When I probe a little deeper I will find many students express frustration at not being able to complete a story. What began as a fantastic idea just isn't working. The good news is that there are simple ways to overcome this problem and that's what I help students achieve with their writing.

This is why I've designed this online course. I take students through step-by-step from idea to completed book over the eight-week course. This course is fully supported so students can ask me questions as they create their own amazing fantasy book.

This course is not just for those struggling in some area of writing though. A lot of young people (and older people) rate fantasy as their favourite genre so this course is a lot of fun as we go through all the components needed to create a fantasy book. I show students exactly how to create a book from idea to writing the satisfying words 'The End' through my step-by-step program.

If you've read this and are still not sure it's the right course for you, or the young person in your life, you're most welcome to take my free trial. Because I want as many young people to achieve their writing goals as possible, I am offering the first two weeks of the actual course absolutely free and there is no obligation to continue if you decide it's not for you. 

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to have fun creating your own fantasy book, and I look forward to seeing you in the course.

Happy writing!

Candice Lemon-Scott.

Candice obviously knows what she is doing after writing for so many years. She breaks down each step in the learning process so it's not overwhelming and the classes are easy to follow. I think this is a wonderful course to sign your child up for if they show an interest in writing and have a lot of imagination. This could become the start of something big for them.

- Caroline LaRussa, Thinkific student

Course Curriculum

About the instructor


Candice Lemon-Scott

A self-confessed bookworm, Candice Lemon-Scott is an Australian author, editor and teacher. Candice has worked for over 15 years as an editor, speaker, workshop facilitator and creative writing tutor.Candice enjoys writing stories about turbo space cars, hurtling asteroids and evil villains. Her quirky style, fast-paced narratives and originality appeal to reluctant boy readers in particular. She loves sharing her knowledge and the joy of writing with young writers especially.Most recently, she released a six-book science-fiction, action/adventure series Jake in Space with New Frontier Publishing. Prior to that she published two other titles with New Frontier Publishing, Silver the Silly Sorcerer and Hubert and the Magic Glasses. Other titles include: Stinky Ferret & the JJs with Penguin Books; The Day the Energies Saved the World with Pearson Education and Unloched with Odyssey Books.Candice has a Bachelor of Communication / Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing & Editing) through Monash University and Chisholm Institute. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.She has also had several articles published and her background is as a Media Manager. She is passionate about literacy and is a Literacy Champion and a Books in Homes role model. When not writing, Candice can be found on a beach somewhere, with a book in hand.

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